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The Story of Nobel

We were contacted again by the same feeders who we took in the E dogs from and many others. They said that there were 5 dogs (Nixon, Nobel, Norbet, Nelson and Nuvel) at a building site – near the same place as the other dogs and the building site was near to completion and the dogs would have nowhere to go.

We explained that we just don’t have enough space at the moment with so many dogs to care for, but the feeders were desperate and said that the dogs were good with people and in fairly good health.

We agreed for the dogs to go to our vet for assessment. Once at our vet 4 out of the 5 dogs was found with heartworm, one of the dogs had very serious skin problems and they were all quite shy and unsociable towards people. We knew this was going to be a huge undertaking for us, but we felt these dogs needed a second chance.

We had to board the dogs at the vets for several weeks until we had space to bring them back.

It took a long time for the five dogs to be healthy again. These dogs of course deserve a second chance in life, but with so many dogs in our care, taking on 5 shy dogs with so many health issues was a huge undertaking for us. Thankfully we’ve found homes for all of them except Nobel who is still waiting for a loving home.

通報許多工地個案的愛媽,在建築工地口又發現5隻狗(Nixon, Nobel, Norbet, Nelson and Nuvel ),就在之前發現其他狗的工地旁。該工程即將完工,這些狗將無家可歸。