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The Story of ChiChi

We visited the park where we have rescued 3 litters of pups so far to check on the dogs there and feed them. Immediately, we noticed some puppies running around and knew that we had to catch them quickly before they became too feral and then went into heat expanding the group of already many dogs that live at this park.

We went to the park four days in a row to capture different puppies.

On the forth day, we returned to find one pup, Chi Chi, in our trap. The other pup, Wesbear, must have set off the trap and it closed without her going in. Luckily, however, Wesbear this time didn’t run off and cornered herself under a plank of wood. We were able to use a leash to capture Wesbear and bring both her and Chi Chi to safety.

We believe there are still around 2 – 3 puppies and so we’ll continue to go back and try our very best to catch them. We are also going to try and catch some of the adult dogs as soon they will all come into heat again and the cycle will start all over again.

So far from this park alone we have taken in over 20 dogs. If the adults aren’t spayed and neutered soon, our efforts will be in vain and more pups will be born within the next 4-6 months or so.

我們連續四天回到公園救援不同的幼犬。第四天時發現 Chi Chi 被困在我們設的陷阱裡,陷阱的網門被 Wesbear 從外面關下,只有抓到 Chi Chi 而已。所幸 Wesbear 看到我們並沒有躲起來,反而自⼰跑到木板下讓我們容易捕捉。我們就用牽繩抓到 Wesbear,將 Chi Chi 和Wesbear 安全帶回。