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The Story of Soni
We have seen these Soni and his friends at a gas station we pass daily
and we always fed them when we could. We asked around and the gas
station attendants told us that the night shift people were ok to them,
but the day time shift didn’t want them around and would try to scare
them off. They had all been spayed and neutered by a TNR team in the

Unfortunately, we are constantly inundated with messages for rescue
and to take in dogs so we continuously didn’t have space. However, as
winter has started to come in and we see them huddled in corners
trying to stay warm, we decided to catch them and get them to a safe
warm place as soon as possible. One evening after just sending dogs
to their new homes, we stopped by the gas station and set to catching
them. We knew we had to catch all three in one go, as if we didn’t one
of them might move away because his/her pack was no longer there.
Luckily with the help of the gas station attendants we were able to
catch Soni and his friends. We immediately took them home and then
after they had settled in took them for medical check-up. Unfortunately,
all of them were tested positive for heartworm. It took us a long time to
help them recover.

We are unable to put Soni for adoption today because he is still shy
and guarded. Your monthly donation will help us pay for his daily
expenses as well as to provide him with training that will increase his
chances of finding a forever home.


機場之後,停車在加油站試圖誘捕他們。我們知道必須將Soni和兩個朋友⼀起帶走,不讓任何⼀隻狗落單。 很幸運地,透過加油站員工的幫忙,我們成功地帶回牠們,將牠們帶到獸醫進行檢查。可憐的Sonic和朋友都得了心絲蟲,花了好一段時間才治好。