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The Story of Jada
I am Jada. I used to live on the mountain with my friends. My first encounter with Mary was when she did the TNR (Trap Neuter Return) where we were living. Living on the mountain was very harsh and we were always hungry and scared. The factory workers nearby often abused us which made our lives even harder. We were always on the run to avoid them but our main source of food, garbage, was always near them. These workers would hurt us, abused us and chased usaway. 

I noticed there was a group of humans who were very different. From time to time, they would come with clean food and water. At first, I wasn't sure what this was all about. It took about a year before Mary could get close enough to get me with slip leash. 

You see, being careful was how I survived my early years. It's now difficult for me to trust people especially men, but I am trying hard. Mary and some of the people at Mary’s Doggies are the only people who I trust. You can never be too careful. 

I am very happy with where I am. I love staying with Mary and hang out with my friends. Mary told me I can stay with her forever and life cannot be better than this. 

Word from Mary:
Jada is a special girl. It took her awhile to warm up but now she is very sweet around me. She will let me pet her and give her belly rubs. She is still extremely fearful towards strangers especially men due to her history. Her condition is not ideal for adoption and she is now a permanent residence at Mary's Doggies.