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The Story of Midnight
Hello there. I’m Midnight, and I’m named Midnight as that was the time I was rescued. Someone posted my photo on Facebook. I was somehow hurt and my eyes were dangling out of my head. It was raining hard and I was scared and hurt. Mary’s doggies saw the post and even though it was late at night they got in the car and rushed up into the mountains to find me. It took over an hour to get to the place where the photo was found and when they got there they didn’t know if they would find me.
Luckily, they didn’t give up and kept looking and by some miracle they saw me on the side of the mountain side, huddled up, scared and wet. They jumped into action and got me in the car.

I am one lucky dog because not everyone would do what they did for a dog. I was taken to the vet and unfortunately my eyes could not be saved. I had both my eyes removed. Now, I’m in a foster home with one of Mary’s team members. I am safe and well fed. I get lots of love and I’ve learnt to know where everything is. Every morning I take myself outside to do my business and come back in. I’m still very shy and get scared easily, but my foster mommy is giving me time and comfort and she knows I’ll grow in confidence.
I hope I get some sponsors so I can help Mary and her team. I’m a lucky dog and I hope more dogs in Taiwan can be as lucky as me.

大家好,我的名字叫做Midnight(半夜),因為我是在半夜的時候被救援的。我當時兩顆眼球掉出眼眶,身體受了很多傷。外面下著大雨,我既痛苦又害怕。有人把我的照片po上臉書流傳。Mary’s Doggies 在半夜看到我的照片,決定在深夜裡搜尋我的蹤跡。他們開了一個小時的車,才找到照片中的地點。黑暗中,他們不確定我是否還在原地。幸好他們沒有放棄搜尋,奇蹟似的在黑暗中看到捲曲在路邊,全身濕透、發抖又害怕的我。他們迅速地將我抱到車上,給了我重生的機會。

我覺得自己很幸運,因為不是每個人都願意為一隻狗做出這樣的付出。獸醫說我掉出眼眶的兩顆眼球已經壞死,必須拆除。我目前中途在Mary’s Doggies 的一個成員家中。我得到很多的愛,也學會家中物品的位置。每天早上我都會自己到院子上廁所,不會在室內大小便。我還是很膽小害羞,很容易受到驚嚇。我的中途媽媽給了我很多時間和空間,她相信我有一天會變得更有自信。我很希望得到人們的資助,讓我可以減輕Mary和團隊的負擔。我是一隻很幸運的狗。希望更多在台灣的流浪犬可以有我幸運的遭遇。