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The Story of Mimi
My name is Mimi and I was rescued from the mountains with my best friend Mia. We has spent many years in the mountains and were fed regularly by Mary and her team, but Mary always wanted to take us in. We were shy of people and even though we knew Mary and her team, we still couldn’t be touched. Mary didn’t give up on us though and one day she said, I’m going to catch them and bring them home and that’s exactly what she did.
We’re so happy now. We’re safe, loved and have a warm bed at night. We’re not young ladies and have had some health problems so we’re not the best applicants for adoption. However, Mary has said that if we don’t find a home, we will always have a home with her. I’m so very grateful to Mary and her team and I hope I can get some sponsors so I can help out Mary.