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The Story of Medora
Hi, my name is Medora and I am so very happy to be at Mary’s. I was taken from a very over-crowded shelter in the mountains. There are over 400 dogs at this shelter and from time to time Mary and her team try to help some of the dogs. I was one of the lucky ones who was chosen.
Unfortunately, I’m really shy. I think I’m still traumatized by living with so many dogs, constantly trying to get food, shelter and stay safe. Mary says it will take me some time to get over my fears, but she’s willing to give me the time. I go for walks with Mary and her team and always know how to get home. I hope one day I can be brave enough to go up to people and maybe Mary can find me my very own family.
Until then, I know I’m safe with Mary and I’m so very grateful.
I hope I can get some sponsors to help out Mary and her team with all the wonderful work they do helping my doggy friends.