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The Story of Tarzan
Hi, my name is Tarzan! I was wondering in the streets by myself for a very long time. Life on the streets was tough but I was lucky to run into a very kind person. My human friend brought me food and water for months but the water treatment company nearby started to complain. They put up notice to forbid people bringing me food and called Animal Service to remove me from the area. Worrying about my future, my friend called Mary's Doggies to rescue me. 

Things have changed since Mary's Doggies took me in. I went to the vet, got cleaned up and received medical treatment. Everyone says I am very a good boy which makes me very happy. I like to hang out at the front of the house and greet people when they arrive. Many people comment on how young I behave, even though I’m a senior dog. I have lots of energy to go for walks in the mountains, but also like my snooze time on the sofa. I’m still hoping one day, someone will look past my age and give me my very own home for my twilight years.

嗨,我叫做Tarzan。我自己一個人在街上流浪了很長的一段日子。當浪浪的生活真的很辛苦,但是我很幸運地遇到了一位好心人。有好幾個月我都是靠這位人類朋友帶來的食物跟水過活。可惜附近的自來水公司不喜歡我在這裡走晃,不但貼公告請大家不要餵食,還舉報捕狗大隊來抓我。幸好我的人類朋友連絡Mary’s Doggies救援,讓我擁有重生的機會。

自從我來到Mary’s Doggies,一切都變得很不一樣。我去看了醫生,洗了澡,還得到了良好的醫療措施。大家都說我是一隻好狗,這樣的稱讚讓我十分開心。我喜歡在園區的前院走動,和訪客打招呼。很多人都說我不受歲月的影響,不管是精神和行動力都和一隻年輕的狗一樣。我精力充沛,喜歡在山裡散步,也喜歡在沙發上打盹。我希望有一天,有人瀏覽我到檔案,願意領養我,陪我度過晚年。